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Our goal is to be the best online community of Real Estate Investors.  We provide specific information that is valuable to new and experienced investors.  And when you are ready we offer products and services that are tailor made for the serious investor.   We are interactive with our readers and members to make sure you get the information YOU want and need.  You can help us by asking questions, giving feedback or participating in surveys.

Reach all of your financial goals as a successful Real Estate Investor

We believe that all Real Estate Investors develop through a process that anyone can do.  This is simply to decide what you want, learn the basics, apply your knowledge and when ready, supercharge your results with proven business practices.

Are you trying to increase your net worth to retire early?  Or do you want extra income each month to breathe easier?

There are many Real Estate Investing Strategies and you shouldn’t do all of them at once.  You have to decide what you are trying to achieve and pick one aspect of Investing that will work for you.   Are you trying to:

  • Earn extra income for a special event (early retirement, kid’s college tuition, etc.)
  • Earn extra income for breathing room (Have a financial safety net, travel more, etc.)
  • Become self employed and wealthy

99% of us should begin with…

You have to know the fundamentals of Investing in Real Estate before you can start.  This includes what type of Rental Property you should be looking for (Hint:  99% of us should begin with Single Family Houses).  Other basic information includes:

  • What area should I look in?
  • What type of house should I look for?
  • How much should I pay for an income property?
  • How Do I find A Tenant?

No matter how much you learn you can’t put information in a bank account

Once you know what you are trying to do it’s time to start doing it!  This can be as easy as you want it to be.  Applying your knowledge is everything from driving through neighborhoods and getting pre-approved for a loan to actually buying a house and collecting rent.  The key is to start small and gain experience through action.  Almost all of the investing process can be done without spending any money at all. So practice for free – and when you’re ready spend your money wisely.

The well known and little used secret to building an automatic money making system

Depending on your goals you may be fine staying in the “Apply your knowledge” stage, but if your true desire is to be self employed or financially independent you will need to recognize what you are – An entrepreneur, a business owner and a leader.  To supercharge your results you will need to find people who WANT to sell you their house as well as people who will WANT to rent or buy that house.  You will need to lead a network of people to achieve your goals.  The proven business practices are marketing, working with partners and leadership – and learning them is not difficult at all.  In fact, there is more information available on these practices than almost any other topic.  The key is learning how to use them in your own personal real estate niche…

How can I get started as a Real Estate Investor?

That’s where we come in.  At REI Profit and Wealth we put together all of the resources you need to get started and be successful.  This website is loaded with great articles that have tips on what to do to be successful and what mistakes to avoid.

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